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AdsManager - End of life

It is with great regrets that we have chosen to end the developpement of Adsmanager and its other associated components.

AdsManager is born 10 years ago and, as of today, the number of new subscriptions and downloads have fallen and we cannot maintain the component anymore.

All active subscribers will be able to continue enjoying support until the end of their subscription.

The components will be free and no support will be provided anymore for the other users.



- New Feature: AdsManager,Invoicing,VirtualMoney and PaidSystem could now be updated in 1 click on joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.3 using the Joomla Update System.


- Fix: The fields are correctly updated when changing the category in advanced search
- New Feature: New display option for the fields label in the edit form
- Fix: The copy_to_admin feature send more info about the sender of the message.
- Fix: The field 'email_admin' from the configuration of AdsManager is now correctly used by the component.
- Fix: Community Builder page is now working for the user ads list
- Fix: Missing load of adsmanager.css with adsmanager search
- Fix: PAIDSYSTEM check added to the helpers/image.php to avoid a php notice
- Fix: Allow to display advanced search page with a category specific in parameter - catid=XX
- Fix: Double slash in URL (like jquery.chained.js)
- Fix: Prevent meta description with HTML code
- Fix: gmap https
- Fix: Clarification on cron type
- Fix: Prevent "cols" "rows" missing and checkbox radio not displayed in SEARCH and add multicheckbox images in search form
- Fix: Change price type to text instead of number otherwise you have two arrows
- Fix: JQuery validate string missing
- Fix: Strict strandard displayImageUploaderFormChecker
- Fix: Fatal Error when trying to access the user ads list
- New Feature: The admin can choose where the captcha will be displayed between the edit form, the contact form and the profile form.
- New Feature: The placeholder and the default value of the cascade field are now translatable

- Fix: The simple search module and the advanced search module can now be displayed on the same page without conflict.
- New feature: The admin can choose which option will be displayed in the date column.

- Fix: The paid options are now correctly saved when the user go to the preview page and go back to the edit form.
- Fix: The price of the ad is now correctly displayed when the user go to the preview page and go back to the edit form.
- Fix: The error messages are now correctly displayed

- Fix: No more warning error with TView

- Fix: The Community Builder is now correctly in the package.
- New Feature: Added new parameter to match real prices and prices in virtual currency.


- Fix : duplicated id for price field
- Fix : Force change of db type for show-contact in the installation script
- New : add catid in XML for edit view
- New : Remove HTML markup if no fronttext
- Fix : Add class (field name) to field
- New : Add option to display or not date column in the list view.
- Fix : Allow multiple email fields (send mail to the correct email field)
- New : Add Hot and New badges in the grid view
- Fix : Map markers takes in account the search filters
- Fix : Add HTML div to allow show/hide of conditional fields when category change doesn't reload the page.
- Fix : Creation of tags sql table if not exist
- Fix : Add CSS classes to take in account paid option (featured, highlight) in grid view
- Fix : Add support of cascade categories in the search page
- Fix : Add "static" to prevent strict standard in image helper

- New : Add exchange description in history

- Fix: Fix two strict standard errors


* New : Allow administrator to load bootstrap or "minibootstrap" (just CSS tags needed for adsmanager) or "no bootstrap" (if your template is already based on Bootstrap 2)

* Fix: Upload Images not working in admin if paidsystem is installed

* Fix: VirtualMoney: no mail sent for user credits exchanges.

* Fix: Highlight CSS missing on AdsManager 3

* Fix: Remove hardcoded style width in helpers/field.php

* Fix : Cron on user Request not working

* Fix: Some search result page are empty.

Important Note: Due to a lot of HTML markup changes and JS changes, if you have override some views of AdsManager, you should update them to the latest version. Note for Joomla 1.5 the option to hide contact for non registered is no more present (will be back in next version)



After 1 year of development we are glad to announce the immediate availablity of AdsManager 3.

New design, more configuration, better ad form, search improvements, ..... Download the upgrade or install the new version !!


Multiple Classifieds

Now, can can create several classified sections with only 1 Adsmanager. Each section have is own submit form view, specific categories, specific fields, diifferents ACLs, different prices,...



Submit Form

  • pictureBootstrap 2.0 full integration

  • Ad Preview: Your users can now see a preview of their ads before validation or payment.

  • Avoid reload page after selecting category in most case.
  • New Form Validator
  • New Image Uploader
  • Placeholder
  • Filter fields by user group
  • Redirection: More control on redirection after posting (redirect to articles, to my ads, ...)
  • Add Nofollow option for URL field type.
  • Tags field: New type of field for your ads: Tags to improve user research.
  • You can set different number of images allowed per user group
  • You can set different number of ads allowed per user group



New Features

  • Disclaimer (depending on the category)
    Some of your categories or your website is for an adult audience only. Display a disclaimer when user try to enter in this part of your website.
  • My Favorites ads
    Let your users create a list of their favorites ads to find them later without a new search.
  • Email Moderation
    Avoid SPAM to users who post ads on your website. You will have the ability to moderate message before sending email.



Search Improvements

  • pictureFullText Search: Improve search result. Ability to search in the title and description
    (Example: "Intel Laptop" will return ads with Laptop in the title and Intel in the description of the ad)
  • MultipleField Search: allow to add textfield in your search form than will check in several adsmanager fields the keywords entered by the user
    (Name: Car Paris, will find ad with car in the title or body and Paris in the city name)
  • Advanced Search component page is now using the same configuration than the advanced search module




Ads Display : List / Details

  • Bootstrap integration
  • Display ads on a GRID
  • Image Gallery Integration of a new javascript lib to improve image display on ad details




  • You can now sell "image packs" (3 images for X €)
  • You can set different durations, highlight, featured options based on user group
  • You can set some durations, highglight,featured option to be free for some user group
  • You can now have now use VirtualMoney credits to pay an invoice in €/$...


  • Select how the background processing like ad expiration, email notification should be done : webcron, cron or on user request.
  • You can now upgrade your Free and PRO version using the standard Joomla! update system