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AdsManager - End of life

It is with great regrets that we have chosen to end the developpement of Adsmanager and its other associated components.

AdsManager is born 10 years ago and, as of today, the number of new subscriptions and downloads have fallen and we cannot maintain the component anymore.

All active subscribers will be able to continue enjoying support until the end of their subscription.

The components will be free and no support will be provided anymore for the other users.


Fix: save positions not saving correctly
Fix: save Columns not saving correctly
Fix: Error Text (wrong captcha) not displayed
Fix: display username or name in result view
Fix: correction Display Free Price
Fix: Improve Manage_Expiration
Fix: Avoid Issue with CB Subs in backend
Fix: Remove "unimplement" bringtotop
Fix: Remove a debug code: (var_dump..)

Fix: Product Reference not working for Quote
Fix: Customer_email tag issue (email instead of mail)
Fix: jQuery conflict in backend in some case
Fix: Fix Send Mail for Quote
Fix: Remove PHP Notice creating default object
Fix: Prevent issue with empty item name
New: Install CB Plugin directly with Invoicing


Fix: for Image Uploader Rename (due to issue with third party components
Fix: Bad HTML syntax for input mail_expiration_subject in paidsystem configuration

New: Install CB Plugin directly with VirtualMoney
Fix: XML issue with some version of Joomla! for User Plugin

Nous offrons 2 places (Tickets 2 jours + déjeuners) pour le JoomlaDay Paris 2014.

Nous contacter via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nous animerons un conférence le samedi sur: "Développer son CCK en 1 Heure sous Joomla!"

Au programme FOF, XML Form, Plugins, Astuces, ... plein d'astuces sur le développement sous Joomla !

Important Note: If you have some override on the edit view. You should rename in the edit/default.php the <div id="uploader"> by <div id="imagesupload">


Fix: Cascade Field in ajax mode no more working
Fix: Joomla 3.3
Fix: Image Uploader imagesupload
Fix: Duplication AD with IE
Fix: SearchModule Menu Missing on Joomla 1.5
Fix: Feed Error JDocumentHTML in some specific case
Fix: Ordering Image in Front
New: If one renew only and free then quick renew
Fix: PHP Notice in acymailing Plugin
Fix: PHP Warnings Warning: Creating default object from empty value in plug_adsmanager-tab/adsmanager.plugin.php on line 113

Fix: Logo Vendor not correct URL
Fix: PHP Notice item->ref not defined
Fix: PHP Notice content not defined in install script
Fix: Joomla 3.3


Fix: Joomla 3.3
Fix: overlib_mini remove from configuration view


Fix: Missing Pack Name in Invoices



FIX: Remove Warnings: Error while trying to delete file when using file field
FIX: Conditional fields not working on advanced search page
FIX:  cleanup old value when condtional parent value change
FIX; images path with plupload
FIX: add metadata in falang XML


FIX:remove some warnings
FIX: Bad Credits balance due to FOF library update

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