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Latest News Blog

This morning, due a a server update, there was an issue with one of our cron task. You could have receive several mails from you, Our apologize for this, you can just ignore these emails.



These new releases are "fix" releases and contain also some minor new features.


@NEW: QuickStart Package (gold version) update to Joomla 3.2
@NEW: Add AdsManager Global Filter
@FIX: Display issue with categories
@FIX: Remove all files (for installation after old version 2.5 2.6)
@NEW: SEF Improvement with Itemid selection in router
@FIX: Cascade field + conditional fields not working on profile
@FIX: Fix checkall in Joomla 3.X (when you try to select in admin several ads, fields, etc...)
@FIX: avoid change fields list filter when pressing "cancel" on field edit form
@FIX: Bug IE cascade :-(
@FIX: fix SQL error in case of bad value for order
@FIX: fix IE Notice, remove html bad structure <table><input>
@FIX: conditional fields not working in backend ad edit form
@NEW: router SEF improvement Unicode
@NEW: Add ADSMANAGER_SELECT_CATEGORY_LEVEL_XXX (XXX 0,1,2...) to display something else than "--" when using cascade category)
@NEW: Add ADSMANAGER_SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER_XXX (XXX name of field) To add a placeholder text in the search form
@NEW: Move all plugins/modules to adsmanager install packages in order to be able to install some modules without paidsystem
@FIX: bug &nbsp; displayed in category dropdown
@FIX: PHP Notice on redirect Joomla 3.2
@FIX: Add Uppercase to "adsmanager" in order to have the correct position in the "menu item type selection"
@FIX: Number of categories (when adding an ad) was not correct in the backend (paidsystem settings not taken in account)
@NEW: Improvment of    quickicons module (gold pack) for Joomla 3.2
@FIX: Update Recaptcha plugin to take care of google changes


@FIX: Update Hipay payment plugin (still in beta version)
@FIX: bug currency check in paypal plugin not correct.
@FIX: Remove notice: Undefined property: FOFTable::$invoicing_log_id in \libraries\fof\controller\controller.php on line 1303
@FIX: mdash; display instead of empty on Invoicing PDF
@FIX: Remove PHP Notice for redirect on Joomla! 3.2

@FIX: Fix top,highlight,featured limited by category
@FIX: Remove PHP Notice for redirect on Joomla! 3.2

@FIX: Prevent SQL error when trying to add "credits" without virtualmoney configuration saved at least one time.

AdsManager ChangeLog

Fix: add htmlspecialchars on category helper select
Fix: multiple category
Fix: Add Param to display or not the text field in the search module
Fix: Remove some PHP notices
Fix: Unlimited duration not working properly
New: set -1 by default for unlimited of ads per category when create a new category
New: MinMax Search for number and price
New: Load English first then other language
New: Add fields filter in admin
Fix: Fix bad syntax in languages packs
New: Selection of category is mandatory in field edition (no avoid field not displayed)
Fix: PHP Error TPermission not defined Joomla 1.5
Fix: Remove extra <br/> on field value display for radio + url field type
New: Increase image quality to 100%
Fix: remove notice: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$currency_symbol in /home/www/clients/client1/web24/web/components/com_adsmanager/helpers/field.php on line 212
New: change version of XML (2.5 used not the same xml than 3.0)

Invoicing ChangeLog

Fix: Net and Gross Amount inversion in database
Fix: Configuration not saved under 1.5
Fix: In some case, error during installation on Joomla 1.5
Fix: Prevent PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in com_invoicing\\lib\\core.php on line 32
Fix: Error in french language
Fix: PDF generation issue (if template was not saved at least one time)
Fix: Missing INVOICING_COMMON_ORDER in english translation file
Fix: users view with CB active not working
Fix: Bug in paypal plugin
Fix: CSV error if trying to generate CSV and invoice number = 0
Fix: Changes Default values for CSV

PaidSystem Changelog

Fix: Bad javascript price computation in the write form for multiple categories
Fix: remove strict warning time mod_paidsystem_feat
Fix: Error with User Permissions
Fix: Ads on "global map" not filter on fields
Fix: Unlimited duration
Fix: Some taxes missing in computeCost function
New: Load English first + admin then other language
Fix: Carousel not working correctly if without images
Fix: add json_encode on float number for gmap plugin (error in only french locale on unix server)
Fix: Improve cascade jquery parent selector to prevent javascript error if module is published on the same page than advacned search
Fix: bad lib/core.php include order, => white page with mod_advancedsearch module
Fix: config.xml missing

VirtualMoney ChangeLog

Fix: Configuration not saved under Joomla! 1.5
Fix: Remove some PHP warnings
Fix: Update code to inverse Net/Gross
Fix: module wrong credits displayed

New Release available for download.


- New: Update FOF Version

- Fix: Fix Error in Invoicing/VirtualMoney due to latest FOF version included in Akeeba Product

- Fix: Number of categories allowed to post not working (using adsmanager +paidsystem number of categories)

- New: Invoicing, Minor Improvment of the submenu display

- New: Invoicing, ability to display a image instead of just text for list of payment method

- Fix : Remove some PHP Notice

- Fix: PaidSystem bad duration when editing a pending ad

- Fix: VirtualMoney add default.xml to add the ability to link to VirtualMoney Pack Purchase

- Fix: Invoicing: css issue with add button in invoice view

- Fix: Gold QuickStart pack, bad link url to purchase credits

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