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An old issue fixed 1 year ago has been published on several websites these latest days.

This issue allow user to upload and execute some php code. This issue appears between version 2.6 and 2.9.13.

This article is just to tell you that you don't have any problem with your current AdsManager if version is >= 2.9.13.

So every one using version under 2.9.13 should upgrade to recent version. (which should be done like any software all the time)

In any case, if you want to secure your old version you can apply this quick fix or contact us per email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

in components/com_adsmanager/controller.php

In function upload() just after

// Clean the fileName for security reasons
$fileName = preg_replace('/[^\w\._]+/', '', $fileName);


$ext = strrpos($fileName, '.');
                $fileName_b = strtolower(substr($fileName, $ext+1));
                if (!in_array($fileName_b,array("jpg","jpeg","gif","png"))) {

- New Feature: A template named AdsClarity made by Juloa for AdsManager is now available on our website.
- New Feature: A Wizard plugin is now available for the edit view, the form can be displayed on several pages.
- New Feature: The fields in the edit view can now be ordered using drag&drop and several fieldsets can be used to split the ad form.
- New Feature: Add Search Filter on the categories backend
- New feature: dependency - Allow you to display conditional fields by checking multiple values separated by a comma.
- New feature: The core images are now overridable.
- New feature: allow layout override for modules.
- new Feature: The JSSOR slider is replaced by flex slider.
- Important Fix: The css of AdsManager will not be in conflict with the css of the templates anymore (compatibility checked for T3, GANTRY and HELIX templates)
- Fix: The Community Builder plugin is now working on all CB 2x version.
- Fix: No more notice on the preview if paidSystem isn't installed.
- Fix: Ad Description is not visible: the fields hidden by AdBlock are now correctly displayed.
- Fix: the date field now return an error when it is required and not filled.
- Fix: Dependency fix on edit view.
- Fix: bad User URL when Ordering is changed (with CB).
- Fix: The edit page is now correctly reloaded when a category is selected.
- Fix: limit issue with CB + sh404.
- Fix: Community Builder plugin -> the favorites tab is now working correctly.
- Fix: captcha not display in some case
- Fix: The textarea characters limit is now checked on blur and not just on key press.

- New Feature: The user's datas are now asked in a form before displaying the invoice if needed.
- New Feature: Invoicing now use the juloalib.
- Fix: The payment selector is now without errors.
- Fix: The version is now correct.
- Fix: The constant INVOICING_ORDER_CONFIRMED is now correctly translated in English.
- Fix: The new images are now correctly charged.
- Fix: Option expiration mail - The switch to enable or disable this email is now working correctly.
- New Feature: Virtualmoney provide a payment plugin for Invoicing.
- Fix: A user cannot have multiple virtual account at the same time.

Maintenance Release


Fix: SQL error if cron activated "ordering" doesn't exist.
Fix: PHP Warning: implode():  in controllers/fields.php on line 87
New: Support CB 2.0.X
Fix: No more offset between the search fields
Fix: If no image no slider displayed
Fix: Chosen form now translatable
Fix: Little workaround on conditional field not displayed the first time but with initial value
Fix: prevent SQL error with rootid incorrect
Fix: Bug in admin with jQuery not loaded in 2.5 replace jQuery by jQ
Fix: Don't fill IP field with admin IP in backend if IP value is empty
Fix: Plugin captcha


Fix: Syntax PHP Error generate PHP Notice
Fix: Fix Javascript Error if top/featured/highlight not set


Fix: CB plugins for 1.9.x and 2.0.x
Fix: INVOICING_NO_TAX translation added
Fix: Sh404 language


New: Customer can edit Invoicing Profile from the frontend
Fix: CB plugins for 1.9.x and 2.0.x
Fix: sh404 language
New: Change the default order page to be more simple
Fix: Default tax is now 20%
Fix : The customer notes works correctly now.



- New Feature: AdsManager,Invoicing,VirtualMoney and PaidSystem could now be updated in 1 click on joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.3 using the Joomla Update System.


- Fix: The fields are correctly updated when changing the category in advanced search
- New Feature: New display option for the fields label in the edit form
- Fix: The copy_to_admin feature send more info about the sender of the message.
- Fix: The field 'email_admin' from the configuration of AdsManager is now correctly used by the component.
- Fix: Community Builder page is now working for the user ads list
- Fix: Missing load of adsmanager.css with adsmanager search
- Fix: PAIDSYSTEM check added to the helpers/image.php to avoid a php notice
- Fix: Allow to display advanced search page with a category specific in parameter - catid=XX
- Fix: Double slash in URL (like jquery.chained.js)
- Fix: Prevent meta description with HTML code
- Fix: gmap https
- Fix: Clarification on cron type
- Fix: Prevent "cols" "rows" missing and checkbox radio not displayed in SEARCH and add multicheckbox images in search form
- Fix: Change price type to text instead of number otherwise you have two arrows
- Fix: JQuery validate string missing
- Fix: Strict strandard displayImageUploaderFormChecker
- Fix: Fatal Error when trying to access the user ads list
- New Feature: The admin can choose where the captcha will be displayed between the edit form, the contact form and the profile form.
- New Feature: The placeholder and the default value of the cascade field are now translatable

- Fix: The simple search module and the advanced search module can now be displayed on the same page without conflict.
- New feature: The admin can choose which option will be displayed in the date column.

- Fix: The paid options are now correctly saved when the user go to the preview page and go back to the edit form.
- Fix: The price of the ad is now correctly displayed when the user go to the preview page and go back to the edit form.
- Fix: The error messages are now correctly displayed

- Fix: No more warning error with TView

- Fix: The Community Builder is now correctly in the package.
- New Feature: Added new parameter to match real prices and prices in virtual currency.

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