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AdsManager 3.1.9
- Fix: The social plugin works for the Facebook share button (quickfix, the next version of this plugin is scheduled to be released on two weeks)
- New Feature : Fields that allow you to add a vector map of your country in the ads to select a region.
- New Feature : A module that come with the new field, it allows you to display a map on your page that will redirect the users on a result page filtered by the region selected on the map.
- New feature: The contact form can now be displayed directly in the ad details page
- New feature : Userfield Joomla link - New option in the field edition that allow you to link an adsmanager field to an user Joomla field, the content of the user field will be used to prefill the adsmanager field.
- New feature : Userfield field type - New field type that allow you to display the content of an user Joomla field in AdsManager.

Invoicing 1.2.12
- Fix: the logo is now correcty displayed in the pdf file for the https url

AdsClarity 1.0.7
- Fix: The search page is now fixed and works correctly
- Fix : The myads view doesn't cause a fatal error when using with Community Builder anymore
- Fix : The chosen class are now correctly validated before sending the edit form
AdsManager 3.1.7

- Fix: The back button of the browser doesn't cause an error anymore if used on a result page.
- Fix: No more crash when installing an adsmanager plugin with PHP7
- Fix: No more double submit
- New feature: Adid in virtualmoney transactions
- New feature: Number of favorites in myads
- New feature: New field openmap
- Fix: Google map Fix missing Key
- Fix: Preview No Image Fix
- Fix: Issue with 3.6.3 joomla that break feature to have a specific template for a specific page

Paidsystem 3.1.7

- New feature: Adid in virtualmoney transactions

Invoicing 1.2.11

- Fix: The pdf name are now correctly translated
- Fix: the logo is now correcty displayed in the pdf file for the https url

Virtualmoney 1.2.10

- Fix: The exchange emails are now sent correctly
- New feature: Ad id added in the transactions view in backend

AdsClarity 1.0.6

- Fix: Syntax error in the advanced search module override
- Fix: Redirect issue after login
- Fix: Preview No Image
- Fix: No more double submit
AdsManager 3.1.6

- Fix: The research with multicheckboxes works correctly
- Fix: The SQL of the tag field doesn't cause any error anymore
- New feature: A user filter is now available in the mod_adsmanager_ads
- Fix: the global filter now works correctly
- Fix: cron CLI Linux not working propertly
- New feature: The search module layout and search page layout are now different
- Fix: The </div> in the comment caused a bug with several users.
- Fix: The cluster picto isn't broken anymore
- New feature : export csv in adsmanager backend
- Fix : The category is now required in the backend edit form

PaidSystem 3.1.6

- Fix: The edit form does not crash anymore if you set a free option

Invoicing 1.2.10

- Fix: The emails are correctly sent without PDF attachment.
- New feature: the offline payment send an email when an user use it
- Fix: Systempay: No more Fatal Error
- Fix: The pdf are now correctly named

AdsClarity 1.0.5

- Fix: The link are now correctly translated
- Fix: Bruce will not display the banners until they are fully loaded.
- Fix: The images in the ad's details are now correctly centered.
- Fix: On phone, the register form is now correctly aligned
- Fix: The gmap is now displayed correctly
- Fix: Better Management of Details view without image
- Fix: The cluster picto isn't broken anymore

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