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Rediscover every features of the Joomprod components on Joomla4!

AdsManager, PaidSystem and Invoicing are now donwloadable for every pro subscriber here: https://www.joomprod.com/download.html

The user interface has been improved to fit with the new Cassiopeia template.

Stay tuned for future anouncements regarding AdsManager!

AdsManager 3.2.13 now live!

- Fix - AdsManager doesn't crash anymore when adding an ad or accessing the configuration with php 8

AdsManager 3.2.13 now live!

- Fix - the editor is now correctly displayed for the email template

- Fix - The email template are now saved in HTML

AdsManager 3.2.12 now live!

- Fix - The rotate link can be hidden from the configuration

- New feature - You can now manage the email templates from a specific page.

Important note : You will need to copy-paste your emails content in a notepad before updating if you don't want to lose the template already saved.

With the new system, you will be able to create new emails for specific languages.

The alerts emails have been reworked, a list is now sent instead of a new emails by ads.

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