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Accueil / News / AdsManager 3.2

Latest News Blog

AdsManager 3.2
Fix - Field date keep the saved value
Fix - Jquery Error in backend due to jquery.validator
Fix - Remove PHP notice in route.php
Fix - The ads can now be published from the backend when the update validation is enabled
Fix - No more javascript conflict with the report plugin
Fix - The redirect URL after login now work with the last version of Joomla
Fix - The module gmap name can be set in the configuration
Fix - If the module doesn\'t exist, we don't take a module with no params, we display an error message
Fix - Joomla 3.8, the rss feed doesn't return an error anymore
New Feature - Add chosen on select and cascade
Fix - The search result are now correct if the vectormap is empty
New Feature - Option in admin to delete several images at one time
Fix - SQL install for old installation (column type don't exists)
New feature - Alerts on new ads
Fix - random installation error
Fix - save issue and social plugin issue
New Feature - File upload field
New Feature - Recaptcha version 2 - thanks to Growunder
Fix - The layout content form now display the fields in the correct position
New Feature - ACL in the backend
New Feature - Force Itemid added for the advanced search module
Fix - The edit position are now loaded correctly

PaidSystem 3.2
New feature - ACL in the backend

Invoicing 3.2
Fix - Remove vendor_id = 1
New payment plugin - Midtrans
Fix - Add security to prevent already paid
New feature - ACL in the backend
New feature - ItemId profile can be forced, same for itemid invoice, redirect to profile page can now be disabled

Virtualmoney 3.2
Fix - No more blank page on Joomla 3.7
Fix - The coupon in Invoicing in now correctly applied on a virtualmoney pack