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Accueil / News / AdsManager 3.1.0

Latest News Blog

AdsManager - End of life

It is with great regrets that we have chosen to end the developpement of Adsmanager and its other associated components.

AdsManager is born 10 years ago and, as of today, the number of new subscriptions and downloads have fallen and we cannot maintain the component anymore.

All active subscribers will be able to continue enjoying support until the end of their subscription.

The components will be free and no support will be provided anymore for the other users.

- New Feature: A template named AdsClarity made by Juloa for AdsManager is now available on our website.
- New Feature: A Wizard plugin is now available for the edit view, the form can be displayed on several pages.
- New Feature: The fields in the edit view can now be ordered using drag&drop and several fieldsets can be used to split the ad form.
- New Feature: Add Search Filter on the categories backend
- New feature: dependency - Allow you to display conditional fields by checking multiple values separated by a comma.
- New feature: The core images are now overridable.
- New feature: allow layout override for modules.
- new Feature: The JSSOR slider is replaced by flex slider.
- Important Fix: The css of AdsManager will not be in conflict with the css of the templates anymore (compatibility checked for T3, GANTRY and HELIX templates)
- Fix: The Community Builder plugin is now working on all CB 2x version.
- Fix: No more notice on the preview if paidSystem isn't installed.
- Fix: Ad Description is not visible: the fields hidden by AdBlock are now correctly displayed.
- Fix: the date field now return an error when it is required and not filled.
- Fix: Dependency fix on edit view.
- Fix: bad User URL when Ordering is changed (with CB).
- Fix: The edit page is now correctly reloaded when a category is selected.
- Fix: limit issue with CB + sh404.
- Fix: Community Builder plugin -> the favorites tab is now working correctly.
- Fix: captcha not display in some case
- Fix: The textarea characters limit is now checked on blur and not just on key press.

- New Feature: The user's datas are now asked in a form before displaying the invoice if needed.
- New Feature: Invoicing now use the juloalib.
- Fix: The payment selector is now without errors.
- Fix: The version is now correct.
- Fix: The constant INVOICING_ORDER_CONFIRMED is now correctly translated in English.
- Fix: The new images are now correctly charged.
- Fix: Option expiration mail - The switch to enable or disable this email is now working correctly.
- New Feature: Virtualmoney provide a payment plugin for Invoicing.
- Fix: A user cannot have multiple virtual account at the same time.