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AdsManager Create your classified website easily

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in classified ads for Joomla.

mod paidsystem feat


This module operates like the mod_adsmanager_ads module, but with much more options such as an animated carousel.

First, you need to go to the module options page. Click on the submenu link 'Module Manager' of the menu 'Extensions', then, click on the module title and click on the 'options' tab.

Ad Type: Type of ads displayed by the module.
Order: Order the ads list.
Number of Ads: Number of Ads displayed by the module.
Align: Alignment of the ads in the module.
Display Image: If set to Yes, displays the ads picture.
Picture Size: Set the size of the ads picture.
Display Category: If set to Yes, displays the ads category.
Display Date: If set to Yes, displays the ads date.
Carousel animation: Set the animation type for the carousel.
AutoStart: If set to Yes, the carousel will start automatically.
Carousel Arrows: If set to Yes, displays arrows to navigate in the carousel.
Carousel Delay: Set the delay of the carousel on each mouvment.
Select Category: You can fill this field with a category name, only the ads of this category will be displayed.
Itemid: Item to use in ad link, in empty, the current itemid will be used.
Field 1 - 5: You can fill these fields with the name of specific field, their content will be displayed with the ads.