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AdsManager Create your classified website easily

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in classified ads for Joomla.

Community Builder

Community builder AdsManager plugin

This plugin will add a tab on the user community builder profile that will list their ads.

Please note that this plugin isn't a joomla plugin but a Community Builder plugin.
In order to install this plugin, click on the 'Plugin Management' link on the Community Builder Submenu.

Then select the zip folder containing the communitybuilder_adsmanager_plugin and click Upload File & Install.

All you need to do to finish the installation is to publish the plugin.

Configuring AdsManager to work with Community Builder

In the AdsManager Configuration, you can see a 'Third Party' tab, this tab contain a dropbox which allow you to choose the behavior of the user profile in the ads.

Community Builder - Profile + My Ads:

  • Profile: Redirects you to your CB profile when you click the 'My Profile' link in the AdsManager menu.
  • My Ads: Redirects the users to your CB profile when they click on your username in an ad.

Community Builder - Profile:

  • Profile: Redirects you to your CB profile when you click the 'My Profile' link in the AdsManager menu.

Note : This feature doesn't work if JomSocial and Community Builder are both installed on your website.

Configuring a field to work with Community Builder

When you create or edit a field, you can prefill it with the value of a CB field.

You just have to select which field will be used to prefill the AdsManager field.

Note : You can also choose a CB field to fill a dropbox.