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Two "small" updates:

AdsManager 2.5 RC2 has been reuploaded with a couple of changes, we discovered that there where left some debug code in there, and we have made a new function inside AdsManager to work around the missing error handler in the legacy plugin of Joomla 1.5.xx which causes all those blank popup warnings/errors so now it should be possible to see what the errors actually are, makes it a bit easier for you guys to debug your own sites as well as we will be able to assist you with the errors without having to desecrate the whole component and add all kinds of exit() and die() codes all over to debug each possible if or else in the entire component just to see that you actually where missing a field in your table which made your Ads list full of empty ads which no one understood.

For those who want PaidSystem and the PaidSystem Joomla Pack:

These can now be found within Services in the top and left menu.

-- Perry


With some delay, the 2.5 RC2 is here ! Lot of issues fixes based on your report on the forum: RSS, Multi categories, Database Errors, Gmap plugin,etc...

Bug Reporting:

If you find a bug in 2.5 RC2, please report in the forum and add a [2.5RC2] flag in the title of your post !
2.5 RC3 or 2.5 stable plan for the middle of August.

New Features:

- PaidSystem now support renew ad, you can set several expiration durations.
- URL Field, you can set a default text/image instead of displayed the URL link
- Price search by Range. If the Price setting you can set different price range to display in the search page.

Value:  -100        Text: < 100 €
Value:  200-300 Text: 200 € < x < 300 €
Value:  300-:       Text : > 300 €

New -> PaidSystem Joomla Pack:

In addition to paidsystem component, we are now selling a Joomla Pack. This pack is a installation of Joomla that integrates lot of components already configured to create a full ads website. In other words, in just some click you will get a copy of psdemo.joomprod.com on your site.

Pack: Joomla 1.5.12 / AdsManager / PaidSystem / Community Builder / SH404Sef / UddeIM / JoomlaPack



Copy of the information about the new forum sent by PM to all users registered in the forum.

Hi guys and gals, I've chosen to send this newsletter to all accounts registered in the forum regarding your settings of not to receive newsletters from us since this is a notification that we are closing down the old forum and moving over to the newly created phpBB3 forum at http://forum.joomprod.com. No user data has been moved over to the new one so you will have to register your accounts again to be able to post there. We have not moved or copied any topics over there yet either, but are working on getting the FAQ topic to cover most of the important questions asked, just hope that our users bothers to read the FAQ, the old one is not read very good by the new users coming to the forum and asking questions answered in 50 different topics earlier. And the search function is not the most used one either, hopes that those two things will be used more in the new one.

Important: The old forum will not be deleted or emptied, it will be kept for reference to old solutions and problems not covered in the new one. We are working on a way to import the users from the SMF forum to the new phpBB forum, but we are not quite there yet. So until then try to use your old forum username when registering so that you don't get double accounts.

Good News, with the help of several beta testers, I am glad to announce the Release Candidate Version of AdsManager and PaidSystem.

These releases included lot of fixes found during beta testing. If you were beta testers, please update your version to this one.
Don't hesitate to report bugs, I hope the stable release will be available next week.