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Payments, taxes and users

5 years 4 months ago #23457 by ideias
First of all, I'm enjoying very much work with AdsManager and associated components.. I'm still working on a classifieds website (not yet available) and it will be something great, I believe. :)
I have a few questions about Invoicing but that also have to do with other components:

1. Payment processors: is there any way to make Bank Transfer available only for buy credits, and not available to the other options (like highlight add, make premium or pull to top)?
This because I think is not reasonable to accept a bank transfer of 2 ou 3 euros by a single action... B) You may say that no one would make such a thing, but we never know...
Also I think that there must be a way to avoid users to pay a credits package... with credits... It doesn't make sense. But for the moment, making the experience in the installation I'm working in, I can't see how to do it.
By the way: is there any plugin to connect with Stripe or any other to process single credit card payments? Because to use PayPal, users need to have an account too, and thats not very pleasant for some people...

2. Taxes: I notice that only invoices paid by PayPal and Credits are made by the total price (net price + taxes), but not when payment is made by bank transfer. Why? It would be good to have the option of add or not to add the tax reference in, but always with the indication of the gross amount. Because we'll may need the tax field (for VAT, specially for companies) both for transfers and payments by PayPal (but not for payments with credits, as they are already made by PayPal).

3. Clients: at the moment, when a registered user creates his first ad he has to fill his personal data (name, address, etc.). I presume that, to avoid that, I must first buy and install UserSubs component, is that correct? In that case, how will the normal registration of users be made? By the core Joomla component or by UserSubs?
In the project I'm working in, we want to simplify registration of users, using facebook connection, maybe with FBConnect or with EasyProfile component(this is perhaps better, as it works together with Joomla core). I think (and I hope) this will conflict with UserSubs, am I right?

I'm sorry for this (a bit) long message, but I think this may also help others. And our component too, of course. ;)
Thank you.
5 years 4 months ago #23464 by ideias
Hello again.
In adiction to my previous message, and looking around in other posts here, I think it's really necessary a payment gateway capable of accept international credit cards, but not like Authorize.net, which has a few unpleasant fees.
In my opinion, best alternatives are Stripe or (even better) Cardinity . Both seems to be a good choice for those who need to accept credit cards globally. I realize you have a great focus on french payment systems, but for those who lives in other countries this is very important.
Is really needed for this great component.
Thank you.
5 years 4 months ago #23493 by loic

1. In the configuration of PaidSystem, you can set the payment mode to credit, that way, the users won't be able to pay the ads with another currency.
For the invoice, you simply need to disable the virtualmoney payment plugin to avoid a situation where the users buy credits with credits.
For the payment plugin other than paypal, there is a large selection of plugin available, maybe one will fit your need.

2. That doesn't seems right, there is no exception for the taxes.

3. The registration is always made by the core system of Joomla, usersubs only add a layer.
A facebook regitration will not conflict with usersubs, it will simply add a step.

Adding a new payment plugin is custom work and we don't do it for free, sorry.

Best regards.
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