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#763 – Can you add a "Go To Page #" on the bottom of Categories Page?

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Thursday, 28 May 2020 02:42 CEST
Joomla! version : 3.9.29
PHP version : 7.2.29
AdsManager version : Newest PRO Version

I currently have over 210 pages of Categories for my classified website using your AdsManager component. I want to be able to skip directly to a specific page of categories. Can you add a "Go To Page #" on the bottom right corner next to all the singular pagination numbers? This way if I know that a group of animals are on page 86, then I can just type on page 86 and go straight to that list of categories on page 86.

Thanks for considering this change as a permanent change in a future update to the component, not custom coding... a change to the next version.

Best regards,

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Newest AdsManager PRO version
Thursday, 28 May 2020 14:55 CEST

Just to be sure I understand, a label 'Got to page', with a textfield where you can enter a number that allow you to jump directly to the wanted page ?

Best regards.
Tuesday, 02 June 2020 17:23 CEST
This is a NEW feature request for your next software update. This is not a custom coding request. This request would apply to all users of your component after the next update. This feature is very common on most Content management components that have 100's or even thousands of pages. It takes too long to find categories when I have over 200 pages and your component malfunction with I set more than 20 categories per page. The user is able to skip to the exact page or (SET of 20 per page) of categories that they are seeking.... See below:

The Lable would read: Go to Page [ ] (Submit)

The "[ ]" above is the field that they would enter the page number in. The "(Submit)" above would be a SUBMIT button

The option of Entering a SPECIFIC page would be displayed to the right of all the pagination/page numbers that displayed on the bottom of the [Backend] AdManager Categories page. This way I could enter a specific category page number into the Go to Page FIELD and hit the [Submit] button and it would take me to page 113 with the 20 categories that are listed on that page 113.

I hope this clarifies what I am looking for. Thank you for making this change. It will make your Categories page on the backend of the site much easier to navigate.
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