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#1047 – Why is the paid advertisement not visible?

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Monday, 04 July 2022 16:50 CEST
Why is the paid advertisement not visible?

When you place an ad with a paid option, why is it not visible? Neither the sender nor the admin can see it only if you set it to "paid".
So I, as admin, can't see what you have posted in your ad. And the advertiser can't see it either and can't edit it if he wanted to.
Why is that?
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Adsmanager 3.2.15
Monday, 04 July 2022 17:55 CEST

Could you check if the Invoicing Adsmanager Generator Plugin is enabled ?

That plugin will check if the payment is ok and then publish the ad.

The only usecase where the ad is not visible is when an user doesn't finalize the payment.

Best regards.
Monday, 04 July 2022 18:19 CEST
This is exactly the problem.

The advertiser doesn't see your ad and doesn't dare to pay.
He doesn't dare to initiate a bank transfer because he can't see the ad he has placed!

The biggest problem is that I, as admin, can't see it either.

After you have paid, I can only see it, and if the text of the ad is not appropriate, e.g. sex, drugs, etc., then it can only cause trouble, because you have already paid. You can say, "sorry, I paid for it, so it can legitimately appear, why didn't I delete it until you paid for it?"
Wednesday, 13 July 2022 17:04 CEST

The system works like that since its creation, and modifying it now is not possible.

What you can try is enable the preview feature to let the user see the ad before the payment.

Best regards.

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