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#835 – A few issues with adsmanager

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Sunday, 08 November 2020 03:31 CET
Joomla! version : 3.9.20
PHP version : 7.3.6
AdsManager version : 3.2.9

Hello, I just purchased your adsmanager product and I'm in the process of figuring out the system. So far I would like to know how do I add the American currency to the system and the quickstart file wouldn't upload on the joomla extension install for some reason. I will look into it more when I get in from work but I wanted to reach out to you about it.
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Sunday, 08 November 2020 15:02 CET

To add a currency in the system, first, you need to add it in Invoicing.

In the administration go to Components -> Invoicing, then Setup -> Currency.

Here add your currency (for the US Dollar, the code is USD).

Then still in the administration go to Components -> Paidsystem and choose the correct currency in the configuration.

To install the quickstart.

Unzip the archive at the root of your website, then use your browser to go to your URL, then just follow the steps.

Please be aware that the quickstart will install a brand new website, so you need to do a backup of your datas before installing it.

Best regards.
Tuesday, 10 November 2020 03:20 CET
Thank you for the info, especially the quickstart. I don't want to install a brand new website. Hopefully I won't need that.
Tuesday, 10 November 2020 07:55 CET

If you want a website that looks like the quickstart, you can check the administration if the demo website.

you can connect with the credential demo/demo

Best regards.

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