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#695 – AdsManager folders inside /images

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Wednesday, 22 January 2020 20:26 CET
Joomla! version :3.9.14
PHP version :7.3.11
AdsManager version :3.2.5


I have some questions regarding how AdsManager handles images

1) First of all, I'm a bit surprised that AdsManager installs .php files inside /images folder. Specifically, this folder


that includes a bunch of subfolders each of them with at least one php file. Is that really needed? Isn't /images folder supposed to include only images? Or maybe other multimedia files (videos, docs), but php files? I think it's the first Joomla extension I've seen doing this, so if possible I'd like o know if there's a good reason for that and if it would be possible deleting or moving these files somewhere else, as it may require some tweaks in my maintenance workflow to take care of these php files. Thanks in advance!

2) Inside


folder I can find thousands of images for my site ads, but also 3 subfolders:


tmp folder is empty, but the other 2 contain thousand of image files with random names, and I've noticed that they're basically the same images I can find in /contents. Are these really necessary? Or can I safely remove the contents of these 2 folders? In my case, we're talking about 15K+ images, and more than 6GB, so I'm really interested in removing any unnecessary files.

3) For each image inside /contents folder I can see 3 "versions":

  • One which is the original one
  • One with the _t suffix, which seems to be the thumbnail version
  • One with the _m suffix, which in my case seems to be exactly the same as the original one (same size in pixels, same size in KB)

Can I get rid of any of these versions? If the original an the one with the "_m" suffix are the same, can I remove one of them? As I said before, we're talking about thousands of images, and that would save me a lot of disk space.

Thanks in advance for your advice!
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Thursday, 23 January 2020 14:27 CET

1. That's a choice that was made for the very first version of AdsManager and we didn't change it.

There isn't any reason to put it there and I don't know what the dev at the time choose to do that. May be we will move them in the future but there aren't any reason to do so at the moment.

2. The uploaded and waiting folder are made for images that are uploaded but part of an ad that is not yet sent by the user.

You can empty those folder without any worry, the only risk is that if an user is currently writing an ad, the images already uploaded will be erased.

3. With adsmanager, we user three versions of the images.
_t is the thumbnail for the list view
_m is the medium image, we try to remove any call for that type of image little by little to remove it totally in the future
the last one is the large image.

For now, I strongly advice you to let those three versions.

Best regards.
Thursday, 23 January 2020 18:04 CET

Thank you very much for all the info.
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