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#591 – Renew add and expiration date

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Sunday, 28 April 2019 08:17 CEST
Thanks for a great extension, but I have some question.

When a user is making a add - He or her needs to sett a date when the add shell get published. Is there a way where the user also can choice when the add should be un-published?
I'm thinking about that adds should be published for 10 days and other for 30 days and without me logging on all the time to change the date for each add.

After 30 days the add go un-pulished, but is there some code I can use, so the user (adds owner) can have the chance to publish the add again - without writing or making a new add?

When a user deletes his add - the add gets deleted from the system and from the server. Is it possible to change it so the add will not be deleted from the system, but instead only gets un-published?

Joomla! version : 3.9.5
PHP version : 7.1.28
AdsManager version : Adsmanager 3.2.3
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Joomla Version
PHP Version
Product Version
AdsManager Pro 3_2_3
Monday, 29 April 2019 13:25 CEST

1. The ads duration can be choosed by the user if you set more than one in the paidSystem component.
You can also choose to disable the publication field in the configuration of adsManager if you want to publish the ad when they are posted.

2. The users can renew their ads during seven days before expiration and with no time limit after expiration by clicking on the corresponding button in the my ads view.

3. That is not possible with adsmanager.

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