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#135 – Conditional fields

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Saturday, 25 November 2017 13:28 CET
Joomla! version : 3.8.2
PHP version : 7.1
AdsManager version : Gold version

I'd really like to use the Conditional fields. But can not really figure it out - read the instructions.

I have the following main categories where ads are not allowed in:
- passenger car
- Vans excl. VAT
- Vans incl. VAT
- Camper
- Caravan

Under the main category, "passenger car" I have about 65 subcategories.
Under the main category, vans excl. VAT also includes around 65 subcategories
Under the main category Goods car incl. VAT also includes around 65 subcategories
Under the category Autocamper, there are also about 20 subcategories
Under the category Caravan also around 65 subcategories

Some of the fields I have set up should be used in different subcategories, and some subcategories must be used in other subcategories

I am aware that I must select yes in conditional view - these are the 2 fields under previously conditioned fields that give me challenges. Can you use multiple field names in these 2 fields? - possibly comma separated

Can you help?
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Gold version
Monday, 27 November 2017 09:42 CET

Sorry but the conditionnal dfields can only have one parent, only the values can be multiple by separating them by a comma.

Best regards.
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