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#915 – change email sender?

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Thursday, 04 March 2021 11:04 CET
is it possible to change the email sender to one major email like "" ? We have some Ads User where the mails dont be deliver. all i see is that something doesnt match with our ssl. one way is to give this receiver an email adress from our domain but this isnt a good solution.

now i think wen the adsmanager dont send the mails with the sender email adress but with the sender email from our domain it must be work?!
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Thursday, 04 March 2021 17:04 CET

The contact email from an user sent by using the contact form of an ad is using the email you set in the configuration.

In 'Email' if you choose 'Website' for the setting Message sender, then we use the email set in the website.
Choosing the other option might not work with some email provider (like Google).

The other email will use the email set in 'General', 'Email Admin', or the email set in the general configuration of Joomla.

Best regards.

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