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#53 – Creating pages for each country or city

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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 14:55 CEST
Joomla! version : Joomla! 3.7.1
PHP version : 5.6.31
AdsManager version : 3.1.11

Hello, can it be possible to create pages that show items only from one city or county? I did create pages that show items from only one category (pages for properties, pages for computers etc) using the menu tab but I couldn't be able to create pages for each city.

There is one option, which is to put the global filter module on top of the page so that users choose from a list of cities or countries, however it will be good for search engines and SEO if there are separate pages for each country and city that only show items that are listed under those places.

In the next update may be you could consider adding this function: create menu-> menu item type= global filter module -> root field = select from the list of of cities or countries. This way the the page created as "" is all about items listed in Paris.
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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 16:23 CEST

You can use the result page to do that, create an external URL menu item and use that kind of URL :

You might want to change the name of the field by your own.

Best regards.
Thursday, 05 October 2017 00:40 CEST
I tried that and it's not working for me and even if it does I don't think it will work like the global filter, directing all pages to the selected city. I also tried it on the demo account here Please let me know if there are other alternatives. Thanks
Friday, 06 October 2017 09:27 CEST

I don't see how you can do that, you might be able to do something similar by using the city as categories but it will erase the existing one.

I don't think there is an easy solution in AdsManager.

Best regards.
Friday, 06 October 2017 14:03 CEST
I tried to use categories but the list of cities will show up together with real state, cars etc when people search categories on frontend, Is there a way to hide them?

Do you think this function (create menu item-> menu item type= global filter module -> root field = select from the list of of cities or countries) will be available in the next update? If not can I request for customisation with this and other features I need in the future?
Monday, 09 October 2017 08:52 CEST

As it is a very specific need, I don't know if we will add that feature in the to do list.

you hiding the categories is possible but you will need to hide them one by one so it not a good solution.

Best regards.

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