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Thursday, 10 January 2019 19:15 CET

I have some issues I need help with.

1: I have a multicheckboximage-field with 1 image that I want to be searchable in the Adsmanager "Search page". But if I try to do a search in frontend and check the checkbox to search for all multicheckboximage-fields it doesn't work. It shows all ads, also those with no check in the checkbox. Can this be fixed?

2. In the page where you post ad there is a CSS error I think. If you try and use it on mobile, or make the page small, the "Accept general terms and conditions" checkbox is strange. (See my image)

3. When I create I new ad and save it, it shows the Invoice-page (where you choose payment). In the column "Description" it shows "Category", and the fieldname that the user picked (Field: ad_fieldname). (See my image)
How can I change this text to something better? Like "One standard ad" instead of "Category". And "Extra images pack" instead of "Field: ad_fieldname".

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